Winter 2020-21 Challenge

This article has been written for the Explore magazine's Live the Adventure Club according to their winter challenges. As a member of the Club, keeping the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 protocols and regional lockdown, I did lot of hiking with my buddy K2, a Hungarian Kuvasz (a livestock guardian dog breed) In the process, … Continue reading Winter 2020-21 Challenge

Hiking with K2 and observing Mute swans

Aah those Mute swans! They are invasive and aggressive, but Majestic. They are not afraid of humans and even our big dog, who comes from a livestock guardian dogs breed. K2 and I took these shots in LaSalle Park in Burlington; Bronte Creek in Oakville; Rhododendron Gardens in Mississauga; and Col Samuel Smith Park and … Continue reading Hiking with K2 and observing Mute swans