Hiking with K2 along the Niagara Parkway in below freezing, but not quite ‘eight below’, temperatures

On February 29, 2020, I hiked with K2 south to north on Niagara Parkway along the Niagara River, 15 km in all.

It was a tough hike due to excessive salt near the Falls’ area and then no maintenance of pedestrian walkway as we moved away from it. We had to hike over snow and ice, in windy conditions, often under flurries, and in below freezing temperatures. We walked several times on the road itself on the side from where the gorge could not be seen.

The good, or the bad, thing was that there were almost no people and cars on the Parkway, either due to extreme cold, COVID 19 scare, or both. Initially, the Parkway had a series of BnBs and other structures, but later it was all open area covered with snow on either side of the Parkway. K2, who I usually let to lead me under these circumstances, fell into a shallow moat hidden under snow cover. I had to pull him out.

Here are some shots from the hiking adventure from our Clifton Hills accommodation to the Falls and then turning back toward north. Please enjoy some attractions that people usually miss when driving.

Hiking by the War Memorial.
Horseshoe Falls from a close range.
Horseshoe Falls from a distance.
North of Birds Kingdom, about 1 km north of Horseshoe Falls.
North of Rainbow Bridge to the USA.
Two snow covered beautiful homes.
Adorable home against a barren tree.
A small church.
A church on the opposite side in the USA.

Three km north along the Niagara Parkway, we saw this giant temple inside a gated attraction. Plus, there were many statues of large Buddhas. This was the Ten Thousand Buddha’s Sarira Stupa Temple.

The construction of this temple began in 1995 and was completed and opened on July 1st, 2001. The temple was built to commemorate the numerous Buddhas in the past, present and future.

We reached the Maple Leaf Place, where there are souvenir shops and restaurants. This was the only place where I could use the wash rooms for onward journey. I left K2 with a kind lady working at the souvenir shop.
I liked this huge plaque at the Maple Leaf Place.
Past the Maple Leaf Place, we moved on the other side of the road for me to keep looking at the gorge.
Whirlpool Aero Car site, which was truly gorgeous.
Directions board. We were heading for the Butterfly Conservatory.
K2 found a patch of ice.
Lots of flags here. I was unable to find the name of this site.
Something from the woods drew the attention of K2.
I took the picture of the final destination on the next day.

It may be noted that several items I use during my hiking adventures in four seasons come from the Gear Boxes of Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Club, of which I am a member. While I packed my lunch in the Tru Earth Beeswax Food Wrap, on this hike, I wore and carried with me these items: Buff, first aid kit, Saljet wound wash, Drymesack, survival candle, Adventure small whistle, Patch2Go, OGGI Lumberjack scarf, handwarmers, hiking gaiters, Duckish lip balm, Duckish lotion stick, collapsible water bottle inside pocket for warmth, OGGI Lumberjack toque, and accessory carabiners.

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