Rouge National Urban Park – exploring hills, rivers and creeks, marsh, bay, and beach ecosystems

We were hiking in post-ice melt muck on the trails. Our shoes were all covered in mud. Still, we were enjoying the hike in sunny 7 C temperatures on February 19, 2023.

Twyn Rivers, Rouge River, and various creeks were meandering deep below in the valleys. The slopes were treacherous. A misstep could have landed anyone deep down with almost no chance of ascending back.

We reached the viewing platform. The views all around were captivating.

This was the Vista and Orchard trails at Rouge National Urban Park, first of its kind, and part of Canada’s vast national park system.

The Park sprawls from north to south and offers 4 ecosystems – hills, rivers and creeks, marsh and bay, and the beach at lake Ontario for the visitors to explore.

Enjoy hiking photography with me in this park.

Hiking over the hills

There are several trails ranging from easy to moderate level of difficulty. In order to reach the viewing platform on the highest point in the park, we took Orchard and the Vista Trails.

Here are some shots from our hike of February 19, 2023:

Hiking over muck and ice.

The trail conditions were atrocious due to the ice melt.

Hiking to the viewing platform

A view from the viewing platform.

However, I will always cherish the hike with my family, relatives and, especially K2 in the fall season when the park is at its best.

rivers and creeks

Two rivers and several creeks run through the park. The park has been named after the biggest of them, the Rouge River. Needless to mention, Ammar, my nephew decided to wet his feet in the Rouge River. Here are a few shots from our visit to this park in February 2023:

Of course K2 and I had crossed the much shallower river in Fall season.

Not a good picture as it shows chromatic aberration, but it was taken by a young lad.

rouge river marsh

In summers, this area a good spot for canoeing and kayaking due to the calm waters. In late Fall to Early spring, this area is populated by all kinds of waterfowl who winter with us in the Greater Toronto Area.

Trumpeter swans and mallards are quite habituated to human presence.

A trumpeter swan is drying its feathers.

A pair of black ducks.

A bufflehead drake in the foreground and the duck in the background.

Mallards and black ducks in the freezing waters and gulls resting on ice bars in the far background.

Bay area

Shots of the bay area that seemed ideal for canoeing and kayaking from late spring to early fall:

The marsh opens into this bay.

The bay opens into Lake Ontario.

Ammar on the breakwater.

beach area

The park has a long stretch of beach, ideal for visitors from late spring to early fall season. However, in February, the beach had its own flavour.

Pensive mood

A stroll along the beach

final words

Until our next blog, au revoir! Be outdoorsy, embrace diversity, and support causes for the conservation of nature!

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