Hiking with K2, my Hungarian Kuvasz, and observing winter waterfowl of Lake Ontario

A mute swan flies low over the frozen Lake Ontario

K2, the Great White Kuvasz, with his backpack carrying kibble, water bottles, treats, poop bags, extra leash and some of my stuff, all in all about 20 pounds, and I, with  my backpack that carried winter hiking gear plus my camera and paraphernalia, set out for a driving and hiking adventure along the waterfront trails of Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto.

Our mission – to visit the waterfront parks of the four cities and get snapshots of winter waterfowl.

The parks that we hiked in as we drove from west to east included LaSalle Park in Burlington; Bronte Creek in Oakville; Rattray Marsh Conservation Area; Rhododendron Gardens; and Lakefront Promenade; and Marie Curtis Park, all in Mississauga; and Col Samuel Smith Park, and Humber River Park, both in Etobicoke, Toronto.

Three male long-tailed ducks circling around
Northern Pintail (male)
Very uncommon in southern Ontario – Eared grebe
Common goldeneye
Red breasted merganser
American wigeon
Greater scaup
Trumpeter swan
Great black backed gull with frozen waters in the foreground
American coot
An immature Trumpeter swan
A flock of gulls took to the air
White-winged scoter
From LHS: Mallards, immature Trumpeter swan, and a ring-billed gull
A ring billed gull with a prized cookie
Mallard drakes – boys will be boys
A male Mute swan showing his mating ritual

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