180 degree tourism at Toronto Zoo

My family did what can be termed as 180 degrees tourism at Toronto Zoo, Markham, Ontario. We watched attractions other than the main attractions, which, of course, it being a zoo, were animals.

It was a magnificent display of flowers and of floral designs.

Please press on icons to enjoy the larger image. All photography was done by me using Pentax K-5iis and Pentax KP with Pentax 55-300 mm and 18-135 mm lenses without any post-processing.

we were at the zoo, indeed!

starting with the real beauties

floral designs

Ignored by the zoo visitors in favour of watching animals, I was there with a mission.

pollinators over cleomes and other flowers

Bees and bumble bees were all over the flowering plants.

lilies of different varieties

free birds

Ring-billed gulls have individual personalities. I am never tired of seeing them and enjoying their antics. The house sparrow mom was still feeding the chicks even though they were flying all along with her. Peafowls were all in the open and children were specially fascinated by their presence. And the peacocks put on a dazzling show to impress all and sundry.

last but not the least

animal babies

There were animal babies that have recently been born. Here is a glimpse of them.

And for a good measure – this is what we were there for

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